A new day at MDA. A new brand. A bold outlook.

Media Release: October 8, 2020

MDA, Canada’s leading space technology company, today launched a new corporate identity – consisting of a new website, branding and a redesigned logo – that showcases a collaborative, optimistic and ambitious posture as an independent, pure-space-play company that is well positioned for the emerging space economy. MDA was recently acquired by a consortium led by Toronto-based investment firm Northern Private Capital (NPC).


For decades, MDA has been a strong partner to the Government of Canada, delivering world-leading, iconic technologies such as the Canadarm family of space robotics for the US Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station and three generations of RADARSAT Earth observation satellites. MDA’s roots in satellite communications go back even further to Canada’s Alouette program in the 1960s.


The new branding positions MDA as a company with a proven track record and the vision, agility and ambition to push boundaries and solve the world’s biggest problems. Together with its intrepid partners, MDA is ready to meet new challenges on land and at sea, and drive toward exciting new opportunities high above.


MDA’s deep heritage and broad range of capabilities are organized into three business areas: Geointelligence, Robotics & Space Operations, and Satellite Systems:



Our mission is to turn data into insight. From detecting changes in our fragile ecosystems to monitoring northern ice floes to exposing illegal fishing vessels, our near-real time imagery and data analytics services derived from our space-based radar and multi-sensor ground system capabilities position us as a leading provider of geointelligence to customers worldwide.



With 40 years of operational experience and proven performance on the iconic Canadarm programs including Space Shuttle and International Space Station robotics and operations support, our Robotics & Space Operations team has 100% mission success in making space dreams come true.



As the leading global independent commercial supplier of antennas, payloads, and electronics for communication and radar satellites, our team has successfully contributed to hundreds of missions in the past 60 years. With an extensive heritage in a wide range of solutions delivered to customers globally, our Satellite Systems team continues to grow and evolve on the ground and in the stars.



“We are very excited about the new day at MDA. We are fueled by a pioneering spirit demonstrated across 50 years of proven mission success, and are ready to engage the market with an enhanced collaborative posture. We seek to define our next 50 years partnering with countries and companies with space ambitions and a vision for the future.”

- Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer, MDA




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Serving the world from its Canadian home and global offices, MDA is an international space mission partner and a robotics, satellite systems and geointelligence pioneer with a 50-year story of firsts on and above the Earth. With over 1,900 employees across Canada, the US and the UK, MDA is leading the charge towards viable Moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, communication in a hyper-connected world, and more. With a track record of making space ambitions come true, MDA enables highly skilled people to continually push boundaries, tackle big challenges, and imagine solutions that inspire and endure to change the world for the better, on the ground and in the stars.





Leslie Swartman