Satellite Systems

RADARSAT Constellation Mission

The RADARSAT Constellation Mission combines the capabilities of three smaller, more powerful satellites that provide daily coverage of Canada’s coastlines for improved ship detection, ice monitoring and environmental observations.

All-condition visibility

Radar scanning allows for detailed satellite imagery regardless of weather conditions or the dark of night. Combined with the increased frequency of scans from multiple satellites, the RADARSAT constellation can produce high-quality change detection between consecutive images and rapidly deliver data.


  • 125 – The number of Canadian companies from seven provinces that contributed to the project, which included over 85% Canadian content
  • 250,000 – The number of images produced per year
  • 14,600 km – The distance between the satellites in the same orbit around the Earth, or 32 minutes when travelling at 27,200 km/h
  • 15 minutes – Imaging time per satellite per Earth orbit