ExoMars is a European Space Agency (ESA) mission to investigate the environment and atmosphere on Mars in search of signs of past life. In 2016, as part of this mission, a communication antenna that MDA built for a Mars orbiting satellite arrived at the Red Planet. The ExoMars Orbiter satellite measures trace gases in the Mars atmosphere and will act as a relay for the rover’s Earth communications.

Anywhere accuracy

We have also developed navigation cameras and the entire mobility system for the upcoming ExoMars rover, which is expected to launch in 2022.To assist the rover as it drills for samples, the chassis and locomotion system designed by MDA will be able to manipulate each wheel individually to adjust height, angle and rotation.


  • 1 m x 1.5 m – The dimensions of the ExoMars rover
  • 1−2 – Opportunities for communication with the rover each Martian day
  • 100 m – Approximate daily distance the rover will travel
  • 2 m – The rover’s maximum drill-down depth