Robotics & Space Operations

Reaching beyond Earth.

Space robotics

With over three million hours of engineering support to on-orbit robotic operations, MDA is uniquely equipped to lead and handle space-based robotic missions. Our experience comes from 40 years of development and operational support for Canadarm and Canadarm2, with a 100% mission goals success rate.

Key stats

  • 90 – US Space shuttle missions we supported with the original Canadarm.
  • 20 years – The time span Canadarm2 has worked on space station robotic assembly and maintenance.
  • 34 – Space station modules we’ve helped assemble.
  • 1,000+ – Successful on-orbit grasping operations

In-orbit assistance

As the commercial space market grows, we’re developing on-orbit servicing technologies to help our customers seize every opportunity. First, we’re developing a commercial line of customizable space robotics systems. Next, we’ll build the world’s first control centre for commercial space robotic operations.

Exploratory missions

Since touching down on the Red Planet in 2008, we’ve helped to detect snow in the Martian atmosphere as part of the Phoenix lander, and analyzed soil samples from the Curiosity rover. And we’re on our way back with the upcoming ExoMars mission as the first non-government organization to contribute the mobility system to a Mars rover.

Today, our LIDAR technology is also being used to scan an asteroid, enabling precision contact to collect samples for return to Earth.

Featured projects