Satellite systems

Reach more of the world.

Communications subsystems

MDA is the largest independent supplier of satellite subsystems. We have decades of experience designing, manufacturing and testing antennas, electronics and payloads for communication satellite missions. Our technology is currently operational on nearly all satellite constellations used for communications in low and medium Earth orbit.

Key stats

  • 350+ – Total missions that have integrated our technology
  • 370,000 - Square footage of our modern design, manufacturing and test facility
  • 60+ - Years of providing innovative space systems and subsystems
  • 100X – The improvement in speed we’ve made building constellation antennas 

Keeping explorers connected

We provided data communication capabilities between the International Space Station and Earth ground stations to support space exploration, we’re contributing S-Band communications systems to the upcoming DreamChaser spacecraft, and our Software Defined Radio will keep NASA’s Lunar Gateway connected to the Earth and Moon.

Canadian satellite programs

We proudly support Canada’s role in space by designing, manufacturing, testing and integrating satellite payloads and full mission plans. This includes Canadian programs like the RADARSAT Constellation Mission for the Government of Canada, and Canadian contributions to larger international programs.

Currently, we’re developing the electronic systems for a search and rescue satellite system to be used by the U.S. Air Force for detecting emergency signals.

Featured projects