By equipping satellites with infrared sensors, we’ll be able to measure the energy emitted by wildfires to determine their intensity and rate of spread. This data can inform critical decision-making and will help protect nearby communities, the environment and our natural resources.

Managing the flames

As a world leader in wildfire management and research, the Canadian Forest Service created this project in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Natural Resources Canada. Their goal is to reduce property damage, economic loss and health risks caused by wildfires. MDA has been awarded an initial design contract for this satellite mission.


  • 7,500 – The number of wildfires in Canada each year
  • 2.5 million hectares – The area of forest that is destroyed yearly by wildfires in Canada
  • 3% - The percentage of wildfires that burn uncontrolled and account for 97% of the yearly damage
  • $1 billion – The average yearly cost of fighting wildfires in Canada