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  • What is the long-term vision of your Organization?
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  • Why are you interested in reaching out to MDA?
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    1. Do you have a presentation for this funding request?
    2. When you upload your presentation, please ensure that your pitch deck includes appropriate information such as company information, funding ask and other details relevant to your request.
    3. For the remaining questions, while it’s recommended to answer all, only some are required.
    4. Which type of scientist or technology expertise would be required to best understand and assess your core technology? As part of the application process, an MDA-affiliated scientist may be asked to assess the science or technology at the core of your Organization. Please briefly describe the type of science or technology expertise that you believe would be best suited to understand and assess your core technology. (max 100 characters)
    5. What is your Organization's core technology, explained in non-technical terms?
    6. Which of the following options best describes the stage your Organization is currently in?
      a) Concept Stage (have a business idea/concept but have not yet started building the product/service)
      b) Technology Stage (currently building the product/service)
      c) Prototype Stage (have a basic prototype/MVP that works, but no customers yet)
      d) Validation Stage (have a selected group of customers testing/using the prototype/MVP)
      e) Early-Revenue Stage (have paying customers, but not yet a profitable venture)
      f) Profitable (the venture is cash-flow positive)
  • Does your technology fall within any of MDA's focus areas? If so, please select one or more from the list below.
    a) Next Gen SAR
    b) Geospatial Data Exploitation
    c) Cloud-enabled Ground System
    d) Satellite Mission Design
    e) Space Domain Awareness
    f) AI-enabled Analytics
    g) Cloud Platforms
    h) Data Exploitation Methods
    i) EO Payloads
    j) Inter-satellite Links
    k) On-board Processing
    l) SaaS Platform Development
  • Describe how your technology aligns with the selected MDA focus areas.
  • Describe a single customer and how they will use your product or service.
  • What is the value proposition for this specific customer?
  • Do you have a working prototype? If so, please explain what the prototype or product demonstrates.
  • How do you sell to your customer?
  • What is the single most important dimension on which your technology outperforms the competition?
  • 14. Do you have any protected intellectual property?

    15. Do you use third party intellectual property in your products and services (or offerings)?

    16. Do you license your intellectual property?

    17. We have a few more financial questions to ask.

    __a) Have you generated any revenue? If so, how much (in $M CDN) and over what period?

    __b) What are your ventures Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA)? ($M CDN)

    __c) What is your venture's Enterprise Value? ($M CDN)

    __d) Have you raised any money? If so, how much?