Introducing MDA SKYMAKER™

What an exciting week! This week, in Colorado Springs at the 39th Space Symposium, we unveiled MDA SKYMAKER™, our new world-leading suite of commercial space robotics technology and services. Derived from peerless Canadarm technology and packaged with the best-in-class operational service MDA Space is known for, the world’s most flight-tested and proven space robotics are now available to meet the diverse needs of our customers’ most ambitious missions.


The result of investment from MDA Space to develop a new line of commercial space robotics technologies and services, MDA SKYMAKER will provide a “kit of parts” that can be configured together to meet each customer’s mission needs. From 1m long to more than 15m, from dexterous handling to crane-like operations, from fixed base to walking end-over-end, from LEO orbit to Lunar surface and beyond – MDA SKYMAKER is a modular offering that will make our world leading tech perfectly within reach for each customers unique mission.


I want to take a minute and acknowledge the decades of hard work, dedication and passion that got us here. MDA SKYMAKER™ exists because of our elite team. We continually push innovation boundaries, seek to understand what our customers want, and define what has yet to be imagined. MDA Space is truly defining an entirely new market category and technology space. Talk about pushing boundaries!


I am confident to say that with this week’s announcement we are better positioned to help our customers advance into the commercial space age as it opens before us. With MDA SKYMAKER, we are staking our claim: we intend to use our unequalled design know-how and experience to continue to lead the next era of space robotics.


So, let’s bask in the moment, and maybe even flex a little – it is an arm after all…


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