Introducing MDA SPACE: Same Trusted Mission Partner. New Space.

MDA Space

Today we introduced our new name – MDA Space – signaling our full focus at the forefront of a new era of space innovation.

To us, adding Space to our brand is a natural evolution. The core of our brand identity is, and always will be, MDA – the three iconic letters that stand for our 55-year heritage, 450+ missions, and record of firsts. As we put our new brand out into the world, we will also be highlighting the words that we have worked hard to earn: Trusted. Mission. Partner. Today, we have the trust of some of the biggest players and most innovative companies driving the expansion of the global space economy.

Our mission is to build the space between proven and possible. Through a solutioneering approach to innovation and development, our elite teams turn audacious visions into achievable missions and first-of-a-kind solutions. Our proven technology and expertise make the yet-to-be-imagined possible. It is what we do. It is what we have always done.

Space is transforming and so are we. We do so humbly and confidently, by honouring our past, harnessing our expertise, and positioning ourselves to lead in the burgeoning space industry.

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