Welcome to our LaunchPad, a dynamic ecosystem developed to support those with an interest in participating in the new space economy. Our mission is to develop a network of visionary organizations that will work together to realize the potential that space holds to change our world for the better, on the ground and in the stars. Get in touch and let us know what you can contribute and how our network can support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Highlighting the success of our network

The below Partner Spotlights demonstrate how the LaunchPad ecosystem is bringing our community together to realize our combined potential. We are proud of what we have accomplished with these partners, and invite you to get in touch if you would like to become a part of our growing network.

Spotlight On A LaunchPad Partner


Learn how MDA Space is using Menya’s HybridLogic to help make Canadarm3 on the Gateway smarter with task planning.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner

Human Factors North

Learn how MDA Space is partnering with Human Factors North to work on Canadarm3 for the Gateway 400,000 kilometers away from Earth.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner

Integrity Testing Laboratory

Discover how ITL’s innovative solutions have addressed complex challenges in the space sector–from mitigating blinding glare on the International Space Station to groundbreaking technologies like SurfTexTM, all through their dynamic partnership.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner

Insight Medbotics

Uncover how Insight Medbotics, a Hamilton-based health systems company, is dedicated to enhancing breast cancer detection through the utilization of robotic technology derived from Canadarm2.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner

Open Ocean Robotics

Discover how Open Ocean Robotics uses solar-powered autonomous boats for data collection at sea around the world. This partnership enhances maritime domain awareness by combining satellite data with information gathered by autonomous boats, creating a more comprehensive maritime awareness landscape.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner


Learn about Calgary-based VizworX's collaborative work with MDA Space on maritime surveillance, aimed at enhancing the federal government's understanding of activities in Canada’s coastal waters.

Spotlight on a LaunchPad partner

Lux Aerobot

Montreal-based start-up Lux Aerobot is working with MDA Space to use atmospheric balloons as high-altitude platforms for Earth observation.