Mission & Values

Any mission worth pursuing must have a goal that goes beyond the self, and be driven by values that inspire us to pursue it and others to join it. Here’s ours.

Our Story

Tempered and tested by generations of space innovation, MDA has a track record of making ambitions come true. We’re fueled by a pioneering spirit that carries us above and beyond. And together we enable highly skilled people to continually push boundaries, tackle big challenges, and imagine solutions that inspire and endure.


We stand behind our promises and deliver, every time. We take pride in our work. And our integrity is reflected in the openness we practice, the solutions we create and the support we provide.


We take our partners where they want to go by listening, adapting, solving problems and staying a step ahead to achieve greatness together.

Operational excellence

Our work speaks for itself. For decades, our team of industry experts have been solving mission critical problems that people, our country, and our sovereignty depend on.


Fueled by our love of space, we’re driven to make dreams come true, lead the charge, and awaken that same drive in all, just as we have done throughout our mission history.


We’re Canada’s original space pioneers, and for 50 years we’ve approached every mission the Canadian way: proudly, sustainably, equitably and ethically.