Realizing new possibilities in space with the most flight-tested, proven robotics to fit any mission or application. As the creator of the space robotics industry, MDA Space has been the trusted mission partner and leader in space robotics for decades. Now, we’re introducing the next generation. Meet MDA SKYMAKER™ – a suite of commercial robotics products and services made to match your venture, sized to your needs, and delivered on your timeline. Derived from peerless Canadarm technology and packaged with the best-in-class operational service MDA Space is known for, the world’s most flight-tested and proven space robotics are now available for every mission - from lunar surface rovers and landers, to satellite servicing in all orbits, or in-space assembly and manufacturing.

New flexible robotics solutions for the expanding commercial space market

In a universe of infinite possibility, MDA SKYMAKER™ empowers you to build the future of space exploration and infrastructure. Only MDA SKYMAKER™’s suite of products and services delivers the unique combination of reliability, innovation, and efficiency that the new space economy requires, no matter what your mission is or where it’s operating.

Solutions with focus

With MDA SKYMAKER™, we are bringing to market the next generation of our industry-leading space robotics, built on the foundation of the most technically advanced robotics solutions ever operated in space, in an efficient, adaptable and highly accessible kit.

The Confidence to Reach Further

Work with the only partner who knows every part of the process from end-to-end: the brightest minds in space robotics will guide your team from ideation to launch and beyond.

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