As Canada’s – and MDA’s – most ambitious space exploration project yet, Canadarm3 will operate aboard “Gateway”, a deep space outpost that will orbit the Moon beginning in the mid-2020s, supporting both human and robotic missions to the lunar surface, serving as a science laboratory, and acting as a proving ground for exploration missions into deeper space.


Canadarm3 will be comprised of a large and a small robotic arm, specialized tools to perform maintenance and science tasks, and robotic interfaces to enable access to all Gateway elements. With extremely limited connectivity and significant latency due to the Gateway’s location some 400,000 km from Earth, Canadarm3 will be highly autonomous and will use its advanced AI-enabled sensors and systems to make decisions when the astronauts are not present.


  • 2014 – The year MDA started doing early design work on Canadarm3
  • 5 days – The time it will take for a spacecraft to reach Gateway from Earth
  • 2026 – The projected launch date for Canadarm3
  • 1000 – The number of times further away the Lunar Gateway will be from the International Space Station