MDA Space joins Starlab Space joint venture to build commercial space station

Today, MDA Space becomes a strategic technology partner and equity owner in the Starlab Space commercial space station. We join a powerhouse team of industry leaders – Voyager Space, Airbus and Mitsubishi Corporation – in an international joint venture that will extend our unparalleled space robotics technology and expertise to building a commercial replacement for the International Space Station later this decade. We are thrilled to bring the innovation, reliability and versatility of our world-leading space robotics to the Starlab mission.

Today’s announcement also marks another exciting opportunity for our new MDA SKYMAKER™ product suite, which builds on world-leading technology derived from Canadarm. With its full range of modular, flexible, scalable and flight-proven space robotics solutions and services, MDA SKYMAKER™ can be cost-effectively configured for any customer mission or application – from space stations, to lunar surface rovers and landers, to satellite servicing in all orbits, to in-space assembly and manufacturing.   

Bold customer missions like Starlab, together with opportunities to partner and collaborate with leading international industry players, will help accelerate and expand the developing commercial space economy and, with it, more and more opportunities for next-generation space-based technologies. As we have done since the beginning of the space age, MDA Space continues to enable some of the most ambitious and important space missions ever undertaken and help shape a new era of development and innovation in space.


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